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The founder & CEO Nia Crooks started a company called the "ThePieHoleInc" to resell her own items & personal shop for her clients. Nia Crooks teamed up with the Board of Education, local Shelters & Placement housing facilities in the tri-state area to bring you Prom-it forward. Prom-it-forward is her "pay it forward" aspect to give back to underprivileged inner city teens. Nia Crooks says, "I've always had an old eye in fashion. I love to style, shop & dress myself as well as others. My poetic clothing fabrics tell stories. Giving back is my purpose. Service is what we pay for living. Presenting the honorary students with a celebrity makeover package is just the least I can do. Being blessed has no value, God's love is priceless." This annual event will provide a great jump start on self esteem & prep these young adults for the future gifts that await them in days to come.


The Prom-it-forward charity foundation sets out to provide a whimsical experience for one of the most important days of a young adults life - "Prom Night!" For decades young women and men use this night to create a lasting memory of what their high school days were all about, reflecting on their youth and looking ahead for what's to become of the future. With an event that holds so many life changing stages at heart, Prom-it-forward would like to give students a storybook ending. The Celebrity Cinderella makeover will be all you've imagined and more - wardrobe, accessories, makeup and a photographer to capture the moment!

Prom-it-forward aims to take confidence to new heights and prepare students for a new reality. Prom Night should be an outstanding conclusion to one's youth and an immeasurable beginning to a young adults future. We look forward to providing just that to the deserving winners of the Prom-it-forward Prom Night makeover.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Orayne Williams

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